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WELCOME EVERYONE. No matter what you are here for...I welcome you to the new and improved, beautifully designed (thank you very much) Jules Jacobson. If you are here for fashion, great. If you are for beauty, great. If you are here for all things that I stumble upon throughout this weird life of mine.. also great. Everything is right here and I cannot wait to continue to share this world with you! 

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Love your style and the silk skirt, it's really nice! Gotta get one myself :) Enjoy your weekend! Cheers, Sarah 



A review goes here. But, until then, Justine Skye is someone everyone should be listening to. Girlfriend doesn't come in til the second verse, but when she does —man, it does you something good!

—justne Skye—

know myself

A review goes here. But, until then — let's talk about how good Sabrina Claudio is. Her song, Confidently Lost, is currently playing and the smoothness of it all is giving me the best kinda chills.

—Sabrina Claudio—

Confidently lost

Get around—

hey there!






Hi Hi hunnies! A quick thank you for stopping by and showing your face. I love that you came by and wanted to check out my page. Let me know if their is anything you want to see more of xoxo