August 20, 2019

10 Things I Have Learned in the Last Few Years

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I believe it is simple to think that from the outside perspective everything comes easy, work is easy, and life is easy. I have been blogging for 3 years and have learned so much since then I thought I would share with you a few things that are important. 

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1. Being immersed– This may sound weird but, I have finally realized how important it is to live and breath your passion by fully immersing yourself in that entire world not only to learn about it but also to gain a positive response and outcome. About 3 years ago I started this blog to first show my fashion ideas and looks. It later became a safe place to talk to you all and share real life feeling/ ideas. Afterwards I branched out into beauty and lifestyle to really get connected (also realizing that this is a business and a girl has got to make her money). It was not until moving back to NYC and meeting whole bunch of people in the industry until I understood how important it was to actually breath your passion every day and not keep it on the outside of your mind. 

2. Comparison– Although I feel like using others as inspiration and help to get you to your goals is fine..comparing yourself is different. Yes everyone does it, but what good does it do? I finally get that comparing yourself and your work to others is not going to lead to a good place especially mentally. Although I do it and everyone does it…I am now able to focus more on my own work and really believe in that. 

3. Connections- Connections. Are. Important. (thanks dad for reminding me). But seriously… in my ear at all times is my dad telling me to branch people and things will happen. That is literally a replay of my life so far, back in NYC. After college I left the city because I had no fucking idea what I was doing and I was too afraid to be uncomfortable. I learned that being uncomfortable is the only way to get you anywhere if you have real goals in mind. 

4. What is really important– Although this blog is everything to me and I work super hard to make it exactly what I want it to be for the future.. what matters most in life is the people who surround you. I am beyond close and thankful for my family..boyfriend and friends that I can be 100% real with all of the time. Its refreshing to know their are certain people that will be there for you no matter what. 

5. Stress– To start off…I am an abnormally anxious person..that being said when I am stressed I used to (and still do) find it hard to cope. I have learned that I need to focus on something greater, give myself credit and look at the brighter future that will be coming because of the work I have and already am putting in. 

6. Age is just a number- I never really thought about this until I looked back to notice what I thought my life would be at age 24. In High School I thought I would have my life together, married and kids all in this time frame. I have been dating Pat for almost 4 years at this point and yes we are “talking about it all”. I came to terms with letting things feel right and doing what I think fits best in that time. Otherwise..I would be worrying if I am doing everything at the right time, right pace and place. 

7. Communication– Between relationships both personal and professional communication has really caught up to me in the sense that I have learned to put everything out there on the table. When talking personally, every relationship after the previous one gets better and for a lot of reasons but one reason I think me and Pat really work is because we are (grossly) honest with each other. I don’t think I could hide one feeling from him..we just know each other super well because of how good we have been about communicating (he would probably say we talk to much). LOL. In terms of professional..I think one of my main pet peeves…is when people do not answer their texts/ emails. First of all everyone knows you are on your phone because you just posted an instagram story SO…there really is not a way around it. I think people are afraid to be honest and communicate without hurting feelings when thats just business. Yes we get caught up in a million emails and regular life but it can also be such a turn off if you are not handling it the right way. 

8. Not taking things for granted– I would say I am that type of person to worry about things I have no control over (working on it). The reason I say that is because I have learned that it is so easy to want what you cannot have or not realize what you have until its gone. For me this goes back to family and relationships and really seeing them through to the fullest so you do not have any regrets later in life. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. 

9. Being Happy– For so long I have been putting myself on a ranking stool. Thinking that I have to be doing this or else this will happen or people will say or thing this.. Even if you think you do not know what makes you happy..deep down you do. I have struggled with coming to terms with what makes me happy vs what I am supposed to be happy with. When life hits you, you realize and you act on that. Being happy is a choice even if it does not always feel like it. 

10. Be Yourself. 

xo, Jules


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