January 7, 2020

2020 “Resolutions”

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I am writing this while sitting on my death bed..not literally but I do currently have the flu for the first time ever..YUCK. đŸ¤¢ That being said, I wanted to start out this new year on a few positive notes and pretend that I am not as sick as a dog (whatever that means).

While entering a new decade I have to say I really felt nostalgic. When I think back 10 years ago I was in high school, not knowing what the f was going on or where I was going to be. I have always been a very “aware” person, so being nostalgic about this new decade did not come as a surprise. This is the first year I have really written out “resolutions” and the reason I put that in quotes is because I do not love that word. Resolutions to me feels like a cult and if I do not accomplish everything, I failed. So, by “resolutions” I mean things I want to improve on or put more focus on this year.

+ Be nicer to myself– to be clear, I love myself & everything I have built. I think this past year was not a huge growth year in some aspects and in others it was a tremendous year of growth. I am super hard on myself about meeting goals and making sure I am on track with everyone else. Honestly I am just tired of that..aren’t you?

+ Eat less meat– For the last few months I started eating less meat..reasons being the environment and to feel healthier. I have been happy with eating less meat and do not feel like I am missing out on anything. With all of the climate change and forrest fires going on I feel inclined to keep doing this, using less plastic and being more conscious about the one thing we all have in common, Earth.

+ Make more time for my friends– I don’t want to say I was not “there” last year, but I definitely had a very selfish year. I will say that I have been super career focused and finally taking the time to do what feels best for myself. That being said, I had many instances with the people closest to me where I did not make as much effort as I should have and I regret that. Its sometimes hard to remember the most important things in life and not getting caught up in the hustle. To those people, I love you.

+ Take in this year especially– I get married this year…MARRIED. I never thought I would be saying this before I was 30 but here I am. I never want to take this feeling for granted. This year is the year of a huge life change..not only will I get married but Pat and I will finally live together. I will admit I am a little nervous but, so incredibly excited. I know this year is going to fly by as they all seem to do so quickly. I am making a promise to myself to not rush this and enjoy the ride.

+ Find a balance– Between work and a long distance relationship, friends, family and all else..I need to find better balance. Period.

+ Giving credit to myself- This is 100% a “resolution” I have been giving myself every single year over and over. When will I continue to give myself credit? appreciate the little things? stop underestimating my work? Everything is a work in progress..

What are your “resolutions” for 2020?


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