September 20, 2019

He asked, I said Yes

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WOW, what a crazy few weeks this has been…First of all, thank you all for the endless love and support. It is so refreshing to see you all interested in not only the work I put out there, but my every day posts. If you have been following for a while, you know that the journey with me and P has been a long one. If you are new here, P stands for Patrick (my fiance) ((WTF)), and we have been dating while doing long distance for over 4 years. FINALLY he asked me to marry him on August 31, 2019. Lets get right into how everything happened…

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Labor day weekend we had planned to go to my parents beach house in Margate City, NJ. I remember thinking that this weekend would be a good weekend for him to propose because he always talked about doing it this Summer…and summer was obviously coming to an end. A few weeks back we went to look at rings (for fun). Literally tipsy after brunch one day in D.C “lets go look at engagement rings”. The second place we went to was this amazing designer Dino from a friend rec, of Market Street Diamonds in D.C. Dino ended up designing this ring (that I have now) and showing us what it would look like digitally before actually making it. I saw it in pictures and loved it!

So, back to Labor day, I had heard nothing more about the ring, if he got it, NOTHING. On Thursday, my ride down to the shore, P texted me a picture of a text from “Dino” saying that he could no longer make the ring and long story short we had to look elsewhere. Obviously I was bummed but whatever, its a diamond we are talking about.

At that point I had no idea and I figured we had to start over. Went about the weekend. His parents had asked us to come over for dinner Saturday night at their beach house in Sea Isle which is 35 min from where we were, and invited my parents as well because they had never met before. Saturday night comes and my parents leave a little early to “pick up a cake” (sketch I know). Truly they were in fact doing that. The duke football game was on and I knew he wanted to watch it but I started to get a little suspicious when he made us wait a lot longer to leave after my parents. I kept thinking that something was weird but referred back to the fact that he did not have this ring. My older brother & girlfriend went to Sea Isle to meet up with his friend so he left a lot earlier. All things came together in a weird way because in the end…everyone knew about this for a week!

On our way— We finally get into the car and I asked him to drive but he insisted I drive (weird because he knows I am not the best driver/ I can’t see very well LOL). He is getting so nervous and at that point so was I. I was going back and forth in my head of if this could actually be happening. I knew he was nervous for our parents to finally meet so I did think that was a big part of it. We are driving and some things that threw me back on, thinking he was going to propose was… 1. I was wearing a ring on my left hand..he said “babe why don’t you wear that ring on your other hand”..common babe!. 2. When we got there he made me drive past his street ( I believe looking to see if we were in the clear to head onto the beach). 3. We parked illegally because he was so nervous and just wanted to get out of the car. At this point I knew but did not want to ruin the moment obviously. I was nervous as hell but went with it. P insisted we go onto the beach to see who was one was there. We are walking and is niece is behind us filming the entire time. We get onto the beach and there is this little table set up with flowers and champagne. At first I could not see it because I am basically bling (not really). Finally I understood and literally pushed him because I was so excited, nervous, all of the emotions. 

He got on his knee..said some things that I literally cannot remember because I think I blacked out :). He had a few of my best friends there waiting for me and obviously taking photos/ videos. All of our family was back at his beach house waiting for us to arrive after. I still tell him if he did not try to throw me off with that text from Dino (who was actually his co worker) I totally would have known..I am sneaky and he knows it. 

When it came down to it, I did not care how he was going to propose. I have had this idea in my head for years that it was going to be some magical, over the top, insane moment on top of a mountain at the grand canyon. Something like that. When timing aligns and shit really gets serious, I just wanted friends and family to be there and to celebrate. Truly, the older I get and the more I experience… all that matters is family and allowing yourself to be happy. FUCK, time to plan a wedding..

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


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