August 20, 2019

How I Edit Insta Photos

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I have had a lot of questions about how I edit my photos. Typically I do not edit that much! I wanted to show you the process of my average editing style and what I look for. Usually I am using Vsco series A6. 

I always add a bit of “Grain” to my photos depending on the light, and type pf photo that was taken. I find this gives it a bit of that vintage feel and blurs out any imperfections.  

As you can see her…this is the difference in before and after photos. 

FINAL product. As you can see their is not much of a difference. I think the most important thing when taking the photo is GOOD LIGHTING. As any blogger..that is the most important. No shadows, occasionally the direct sunlight will get you a really nice picture as well. The second most important thing to remember when taking photos is background. When deciding on a background this really depends on your aesthetic. I think that a lot of people are able to find this very easily when truly it does take awhile. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and shoot in neutral, earthy tone spots that I can find. Don’t be fooled…this process is more difficult than it looks and seeks patience! 

Things to remember: 

– Good lighting

– Neutral backdrops

– Patience

These are the apps I use for editing & backing up photos so my storage is clean!


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