August 20, 2019

How I Started Blogging

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The world of Blogging… such a weird world, yet I found myself starting a career in it 3 years go. OK So not a career in the beginning for sure and so much has changed in the “blogging” world. Ill get right into it..

Before I got started, as a kid I was always the friend who begged my other friends to make up cool photoshoot ideas and basically TAKE MY PICTURE PLEASE. Over time this got more creative BUT…Finally a time came when posting to Instagram and making a living out of being a creative was paying off. I did not get on this wagon in the beginning but eventually realized that this was all I wanted to do and that I was going to have to figure this shit out on my own.  

About 3 years ago around the time I was graduating college From FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC), I remember being at a party and telling someone I really wanted to start blogging and, taking my Instagram more serious. Ill never forget that because that person told me to start RIGHT away and not wait. The next day I was making my website, thinking about what kind of pictures I wanted to share and what kind of blog I wanted to be. Below is the first ever picture I posted as a start to Jules.Jacobson! A lot has changed thats for sure. Lets just say I have been doing this for a few years and I am still trying to manage and figure out what works best. The scariest part about this job or just starting your own career is the unknown. No one is telling you the right way because their is no “right way”. I think one thing I will always remember and be proud of myself for is going for it no matter what.  

The picture to the left is my current Instagram feed. It takes so much time, trial and error to figure out first, what you like. Second, what your audience likes, and third what a brand will like. Finding out your niche is the hardest part about blogging. I am still working every day to figure out exactly what works and what I want to share with you all! 


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