August 20, 2019

Making Friends in NYC

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This blog post was requested by one of my followers and I am so happy that it was. This is a tricky but really good topic to talk about. OH New York..How I love you but sometimes you are a real pain in the ass. I know what you’re can their be millions of people living in this city, yet sometimes it can feel like the most lonely place. If their is one thing I have learned from living in NYC..something I will take with me forever, its that living in NYC means you better be ready to jump outside your comfort zone and try new things!

Lets just say that the show “Friends” (one of my favorites) is not really how NYC is. If I am being honest..and I always am on in New York is hard and making friends is even harder. DO NOT GIVE UP! I am from 2 hours outside of the city so moving here felt like a big jump but not as big as it probably is for most people. Considering most people in NYC are from outside of the country or well..really far. 


For me, A lot of my friends that I met here have been through my work. People reaching out to me through social media (shooting with other bloggers that now became really good friends). This only happened because I or they reached out! I think the scariest part for people is the unknown and thinking that they will be shut down. Guess what? sometimes you probably will. Most of the time those people will be in the same boat as you.


I know a few people that have been on “Bumble BFF”. Making friends in NYC is literally like dating so this is exactly what I mean when I say get out of your comfort zone. No one wants to use these apps because it seems un-natural.  Well, living in NYC surrounded by millions of people, while living in a box sized apartment is un-natural, so get used to it! 


GET OUT THERE PEOPLE. I say this but, I am not queen of going out. I do however know that their are so many classes, events, parties that are perfect for meeting new just takes a little effort. In terms of classes..a few of my friends I met when I was a student at FIT. College is always a great way to meet people but if you are here and finished school, or just not in school it never hurts to take a class! So many schools offer classes OR their is always a good workout class. *Pilates* always..DUH. 


This one is tricky as well. I have had my share fare of roommates and it has not always worked out for me in the end. That being said..roommates come and in a new place with random people can actually turn out to be the best thing! The way I like to put it is, (at least for me and a lot of others) NYC is a career city. We come, we do, we learn, we go. Everyone here is working their ass of to become something and thats what we all have in common. Work with that!

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