May 29, 2020

Quarantine Routine

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Honestly I have lost all count of what “day” it is and how many days we have been “quarantined”. What I do know is the new “normal” and I put that in quotes because I hope things start to go back to what they were before all of this, has really taught me a ton! From moving out of Pat and I’s apartments, leaving NYC temporarily, moving back in with my parents with Pat, canceling our wedding day/ honeymoon. I know this is all the good stuff and all we keep hearing is to be grateful, it’s fucking hard. Safe to say I have so many emotions as I am sure you all do as well. If you follow along, you have seen the progression of my life since March. Viviane’s house for about 2 months..moved out of my NYC apt, moved out of Pat’s DC apartment, down to the shore!

That being said, it has been some time since I sat down and actually typed up a blog post! Today, I want to share with you some things we have been doing in our new “routine”. Some staples that have been helping us get through this time with also being conscious of what GOOD has come out of this time.

  1. Consistent Workouts-

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO CONSISTENT WITH WORKOUTS! Not sure if this consistency comes from having more time at home, motivation from others around me or being terrified that I will gain 567 lb’s before this is over. WHY? Maybe because I am used to walking an average of 4 miles a day in NYC. 4 MILES PEOPLE. If you follow along on IG, daily workouts have been an ongoing part of my quarantine content. Typically searching for a Youtube at home video is my favorite. For example Bailey Brown, Madfit or Fitness Blender. On other days when Pat kicks my ass, we run..a lot :)!


You know when you save different recipes on Pinterest over and over but then you never ACTUALLY cook any of them? That has changed and I am so happy about it. With all of Pat’s traveling that he used to do, he never had time to cook. Now we are cooking so much more together and trying out new recipes (mostly vegan) since we have not been eating meat all year so far! I think this is something I will always remember about this time, I basically learned to cook along side Pat, we got so much more creative & understand what actually tastes good AT HOME. Here is the link to my Pinterest board with some of the recipes we have been cooking up!

3. Movie night-

Typically Pat falls asleep half way through any movie BUT we like to plan a movie night. This usually means during the day picking a movie to watch at night so that we don’t spend hours on Netflix trying to find a movie, in which by that time its 1 am..

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4. Daily walks/ breaks-

Some part of me is SO lazy during all of this, but the other part of me is insanely motivated to be working all hours of the day? While working is super important and I have found myself succeeding in many ways through work, I also forget to take breaks. Pat and I will usually break around lunch time and before dinner for a mini “walk” or in some cases “happy hour”. Two things I have learned from this.. we have all the time in the world, and it’s ok to not be doing EVERYTHING right now. Times are tough, take it easy.


making lists has always been a “hobby” per say..of mine. I like lists when I have a a bunch of stuff to do and basically just brain dump it all out on paper. Recently something along side lists that have been helping me get through quarantine is writing down places I want to visit after this! More so, everything I want to do after this that I cannot do right now. Something to look forward too, while still appreciating the NOW.


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